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Solar services

A.S Telematics Pvt Ltd. is a fully forward-integrated and comprehensive EPC solutions provider. We deploy world-class technology to design, install and commission benchmark solar projects. Over the years, Company has a well known accredited expertise in engineering and technology, procurement and project management, construction and commissioning, with a strong command over asset management. Its business model ranges from the acquisition of developed sites to the servicing and maintenance of completed solar arrays throughout its lifespan.

Our world-class project management teams ensure we complete the project in the fastest possible time-period without compromising on quality. Our highly skilled and dedicated EPC Team at AST ensures the completion of each solar plant from concept to commissioning including its operation and maintenance for the complete lifespan of the plant.

We also assist our customers who seek to use solar power right from the planning stage through the entire operational life of the project. thereby providing our customers with a complete financial return and cash flow analysis of the solar power project including providing of advisory services that helps customers navigate all government policy issues, land procurement issues, tax benefits, subsidies and regulatory approvals to successfully install Solar photovoltaic plants.

A Brief about the various Phases of dealing any new project in the company

Project Planning

AST conduct a thorough site analysis which includes various aspects such as availability of existing earthing and electrical infrastructure, natural conditions such as temperature & solar irradiation and soil evaluation.

Our experience in having dealt with a range of different types of modules, inverters, cables and even monitoring systems in varying Indian operational conditions holds us in good stead to choose the equipment and suppliers that will ensure the maximum return on our customer’s financial investment.

The various components including the choice and type of modules, inverters and mounting systems are selected after a complete technical and economic evaluation of the project resulting in the final approval design of the plant.

Project Implementation

AST strives to ensure timely and professional execution of its projects with its project managers who oversees all activities ranging from logistical, technical, land procurement and safety issues thereby preparing an appropriate documentation with the required on site approvals to ensure coordinated construction without external interruptions.

Our knowledgeable and skilled project management team also ensures to have very low periods, thereby are installed at record setting time-periods without any compromise in quality.

In addition we always try to ensure seamless completion of commissioning formalities including all government registrations and approvals.

Project Operation and Maintenance

We always equip all our plants with the most technologically advanced SCADA monitoring systems, which include string level monitoring in the entire solar plant to identify and correct any irregularities before it affects plant performance.

In addition also providing the customers with the portal where they can access the real time performance of the plant